2016 Winners

1st Place | A Story of Overcoming

My life and practice have been shaped by my own story. Growing up in foster care since the age of 2 and I have overcome many challenges and adversities despite the odds, always believing in finding a dream that leaves her fulfilled by living her life according to her own rules. With a vision...

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2nd Place | Riddle of My Life

Probably over thirty years ago there was a popular riddle. It went this way: a father and son are in a horrible car crash that kills the dad. The son is rushed to the hospital; just as he’s about to go under the knife, the surgeon says, “I can’t operate—that boy is my son!”...

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3rd Place | A Nut in a Nutshell

Hello! My name is Diane Lobianco Gabrielli. I will start my story at the age of twenty-nine. I had recently broken up with someone and was looking forward to being single. I had my own apartment and job. But instead I meet a man named Gabe Gabrielli. I cannot tell a lie. I approached...

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